One masseur for a couple

You also have the choice to share one masseur for both of you. This experience turns to a very special moment of complicity. The two of you have the chance to live up a fantasy you may have had for years.

The couples that have made it real have experienced a unique satisfaction they like to remember often. That's what they tell Paco in their e-mails after the massage.

Paco shares the massage with both of you in a way we discuss before starting the massage. Paco will be following your preferences and fantasies. You set the limits and guide the sequence, and Paco will make the rest to deliver an amazing experience.

This choice is for gay and straight couples. This is a very special and absolutely unique formula in Barcelona that will boost your partnership. You can also continue alone without Paco whenever you want. The suite at his massage studio is for your enjoyment during the time you booked.

Paco can also serve you in your hotel room. The prices are the same.

These sessions start with 60 minutes of massage and you get 30 extra minutes for free for your enjoyment alone.

Tantra massage for couples

We often find ourselves having sex with our couple as a mechanical act. The routine brings our sensuality and sexyness into a deep sleep. That's why it is recommended to share a session of Tantra Massage with your significant half. This may re-fuel your relationship's intensity and spontaneity.

Massage for couples (straight or gay) is also good for sharing, living up and discovering our own fantasies. Fantasies we may have never lived up before or maybe new fantasies created during our life as a couple.

Paco is offering you all the possible combinations: two male masseurs, two female masseuses or a couple of male and female masseurs. Please visit "Paco's masseur partners" in this same blog to find out who are the most recommended masseurs in Barcelona and their special and personal skills.

Using his special Tantra massage Paco will wake up some new feelings and sensations that will tighten your bond as a couple, besides making you feel brand new inside your own skin.

Paco has a special touch: virile, tender, sweet yet confident and straight forward, that unites all the sensual and the spiritual with the most masculine noblesse. He can take you both to cloud... —you number it.

Let yourself drift away by his hands and under his body. You will discover a new universe to enjoy and share your fantasies, from the most naive to the spiciest.

Paco serves every person, be her male or female, gay or straight, be it himself alone or together with another male or female masseuse. Your preference is the rule.

As a couple you may decide freely if you want to share the massage on the same tatami bed, in the same suite or in separate suites. You are the ones setting the limits because Paco's Tantra Massage is about joy, relaxation, pleasure and happiness.

Paco can also serve you in the private intimacy of your hotel room.

You may remember this experience during the next months or even in the next years. Paco will serve you with his warm sympathy as usual, and may even spoil you serving some chilled cava (the catalan equivalent of champagne) with no extra fees at his professional massage studio.

Please contact Paco and after booking your session he will send you the full information about his massage center.

Paco guarantees that all procedures are strictly hygienic, following professional Tantra protocols.

If you may have any doubt, please feel free to contact Paco directly to his e-mail: